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Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Tue Jan 25 14:59:42 PST 2005

Justin Knierim wrote:
> Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> The BLFS Editors are in the process of constructing a new Web/FTP 
>> server to host LFS/BLFS source code.
> Hello, this is Justin Knierim, the current ftp maintainer.  Sounds like 
> a good idea, we can sure use some more help with hosting packages.
>>   Right now the organization of the site is quite crude 
>> (non-existent).  We are looking for suggestions about how to set it up.
> The current ftp structure worked well for lfs, but because blfs has 
> quite a few more packages, it might not be optional.  We setup a 
> /conglomeration/<package name> directory with symlinks going to 
> directories for 5.1.1, 6.0, testing and unstable.  If you are not 
> keeping older versions of the book, then this work in maintaining 
> symlinks might not be worth it.  Just throwing out my info on how it is 
> done now.
>> It's an open question whether we put the books themselves on the site 
>> because they are really mirrored fairly well right now.
> true.
>> The BLFS book probably should not point to this site for the 
>> individual packages, but we are planning to put in a section saying 
>> that the site is available, but the references to the original sources 
>> are in the book for researching different versions of the packages.
> Sounds reasonable.  That is why the ftp mirrors are not directly 
> referenced in the book, since before we had only a few servers and not 
> too much bandwidth.  It has changed a bit in the last year or so, and so 
> we could more directly reference the ftp servers.
> Please let me know how I could continue to be a part of the ftp 
> project.  I could help coordinate rsync times or do some other 
> administrative tasks.

Thanks Justin.  My latest thought for BLFS was to have a set of 
alpahbetical directories for stable and one for svn.  Something like:

     repeat as above

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