Explaining diff HJL <=>FSF binutils (WAS: RE: binutils deps)

Giulio Daprelà giulio_d at email.it
Tue Jan 25 15:17:18 PST 2005

> Can someone explain the differences between HJL and FSF binutils, please?
> Is the difference only on the "quality management" (seen on the
version number)
> or are there any functional differences?
> Why was there a fork (or a seperate development) of such a important
> Who(or what) is HJL?
> I looked at the freshmeat and the gnu project pages, but I didn't see some
> explanation there.

There is an answer to a question in the FAQ section of the site:


maybe looking here you can clear all your doubts!

> Thanks.

Not at all! ;)

> Regards
> Gueven Bay

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