[ANNOUNCE]: Pre-Release of new livecd

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Jan 29 08:10:09 PST 2005

Hey Everyone:

Ok. Heads up, this is bound to be a long post.

First of all a new iso is available for testing - this is *very much* a
pre-release. There are several things that I know need adjusting with it,
and a few other features and packages I have in mind to add.  But I'm
releasing this now so that you all can have a peek at it and make any
suggestions or comments.

Here is the new iso:


Robert and Roel, can you guys grab this iso and its md5sum and place them on
your mirrors as well, please?

Now ;) if you're going to make any comments/suggestions on this iso, please
have a look here first, to see if I already have it noted in my TODO:


Secondly, one new thing about this version of the cd, is that I have it
entirely scripted via Makefiles - from a blank partition to a finished iso. 
I'm hoping that this will help me to easily make adjustments to the cd
and/or correct major bugs. I'm also hoping it will allow others to jump in
and give me a hand on this project. I am aware that there are likely to be
many improvements to be made with the makefiles (perhaps even to the point
of an entire re-write) but hopefully, as I work on documenting them now, it
will allow others to see the steps I take to build a cd and offer

With that said, if you'd like to look at the Makefiles and/or use them:

svn co svn://svn.linuxfromscratch.org/livecd/trunk lfs-livecd

Keep in mind that these are still very much under development, and until I
actually release a version, they're likely to be broken at any given time,
though they have successfully built an iso for me several times.

Thirdly, I'd like some help/suggestions on versioning - I'll have both the
isos and the Makefiles to version now and any suggestions on the best way
to do that will be helpful. Matt Burgess already suggested
major-minor-patch numbers and that seems wise - the livecd will also always
follow a particular LFS version as a base, too, though so it might be wise
to include that in the version. The current iso reflects that in that it
has 6.0.9 indicating a pre-release of LFS 6.1.  However, the Makefiles
introduce a new entity and I'd like those to be properly versioned, and
perhaps have the cd relflect those. Ideas?

And finally, there is one known issue with the current iso that I can't seem
to track down.  Whenever I bring up my network on the cd, logins on the
terminals hang.  I can login in multiple terminals just fine before I bring
up the network, but once the network is up, I can't login.  Current
terminals continue to work, but logins fail.  Then, if I take down the
network, I can login again.  Sound like a problem with shadow, or iproute2?
The same issue occurs on various network cards and regardless of whether I
use dhcpcd or a static ip.

Just today I made some changes to the makefiles to reflect updates to the
testing branch, which included a change to shadow, so if that's the
problem, this may be fixed in the next iso.

I'm hoping that with this new setup (ie, the repository, the ml, and the
makefiles) a new era is born for LFS livecds, but it all depends on you
guys. ;)
[end cheese]

p.s.: I forgot to mention that I will be tarring up the kernel source I used
and making it available online in the future, too - if that's useful to

Jeremy Huntwork

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