dynamic network scripts

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Jan 30 12:10:22 PST 2005

Gerard Beekmans wrote these words on 01/30/05 13:53 CST:
> Hi guys,
> This may fall beyond the scope of the stock LFS bootscripts. I'll put
> the idea forth anyways since I'll be working on it. We'll have to
> discuss if it (or something similar) will be included into the
> bootscripts package or not.
> The issue I'm finding is with the networking setup of my laptop. I have
> both wireless and wired network connections depending on where I go.
> Is there interest in such a thing?

It seems to me that it would be beyond the scope of current LFS, but
if the base architecture of the boot scripts could support BLFS
additions to it, I would be all for it.

I will be adding a section in the BLFS book on setting up wireless
tools and connecting to a wireless network as soon as BLFS-6.0 is

So, if there's a way to implement something in the bootscripts that
could then be picked up by BLFS, it would be a good thing. I've not
looked at the network init script whatsoever to see what all it would
take to get wireless up and running LFS style, as the machine I tested
and use wireless on uses custom boot scripts.


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