dynamic network scripts

Jeremy Utley jeremy at jutley.org
Sun Jan 30 12:31:04 PST 2005

Randy McMurchy wrote:

>It seems to me that it would be beyond the scope of current LFS, but
>if the base architecture of the boot scripts could support BLFS
>additions to it, I would be all for it.
>I will be adding a section in the BLFS book on setting up wireless
>tools and connecting to a wireless network as soon as BLFS-6.0 is
>So, if there's a way to implement something in the bootscripts that
>could then be picked up by BLFS, it would be a good thing. 
The way the current bootscripts are written, it would not be hard at all 
to do what G is proposing.  It would probably involve 2 new service 
scripts in the services directory - one for the wired interface that 
instead of just assigning a static IP would detect if the wireless 
interface was active, and if so, assign a static IP, otherwise use 
DHCP.  The second would be for the configuration of the wireless 
interface itself.  I've played with the idea in the past, but never got 
very far, because my wireless cards here don't work too well in Linux.


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