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Mon Jan 31 04:39:23 PST 2005

On Wed, 2005-01-05 at 23:14 -0500, Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> Anyone else notice that the libc-headers site seems to be down?
> And anyone know anything about it?

check the pld homepage =)

30 January 2005 Migration continues
Most of our infrastructure is currently up, though only in temporary
location that is soon to change. The whole process should end in about
three days, but by then, you can expect only partial functionality
(jabber server doesn't currently have SSL support), short outages of
various resources, much lower transfer speeds and various
* hosts resolving to non-existent machines. 

26 January 2005 Main resources unavailable
Among other things, our main ftp server, jabber server and CVS/SVN
repositories are currently down. Planned downtime was two hours, but due
to (currently) unknown issues it is not known by when those machines
will be back up. A good bet might be tomorrow morning (that's GMT). For
now, here is a list of mirrors. 

24 January 2005 Downtime ahead
During the weekend (and before it) parts of our infrastructure will be
changing location which will result in some downtime. Of particular
notice are: CVS and SVN repositories, distfiles, jabber server and
everything placed on (including users' accounts). 

23 January 2005 Site reactivated
After a (not so short) period of inactivity, PLD web site is back with a
new look and (hopefully) lots of new content. Stay tuned. 

> --
> Jeremy H.

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