a few decisions

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Jan 31 19:52:24 PST 2005

Hello Everyone:

ALFS has been pretty dormant for several weeks now.  I know that part of 
that has been my stepping down from the project, and I know many of the 
rest of you have been pretty busy as well.  In my time away, I've been 
doing a great deal of thinking and reviewing of where the project is and 
I've come to several conclusions.

First of all, since no one ever stepped up for the role of ALFS project 
leader, and I again have a fair amount of renewed energy, I am staying 
on as project leader, at least for the time being.

Secondly, I really like what has been done, Boris, with respects to the 
ability to parse the LFS Book's commands and manipulate them. You've 
done excellent work in that regard. However, there is a good deal about 
the way that you've been working that I must say I'd like to see 
changed.  LFS has and always will be, as far as I can see, a 
communicative project. It openly welcomes and includes people from 
everywhere, and their ideas, opinions and expressions are encouraged (as 
long as they do their research! ;) ). And discussion of its future is 
not limited to just the active team members, but to everyone that wishes 
to participate. To that end the mailing lists are really still the best 
medium for communication within LFS. IRC is a very useful tool, esp for 
when developers what to talk and discuss amongst themselves.  But I feel 
very strongly that the community, which really is the life of this 
project, needs to be invovled for major decisions.

Therefore, I'm enforcing some guidelines for all ALFS developers:

1) Major discussions will occur on the alfs-discuss list. This isn't 
really a new thing, so it *shouldn't* pose any problems for you.

2) Subversion and Bugzilla will both be used for development of the new 
tool. These are already in place on the LFS server, and both provide 
very helpful functions, not just for the devs, but for *all* who are 
interested in ALFS. We need our developers to use these tools.

3) Our developers must be subscribed to alfs-discuss and alfs-log either 
via a news reader or email subscriptions.

4) No major concepts or code will go into alfs without it being 
discussed and approved on the lists. This is after all, not a tool under 
developement by one maintainer, but by a community, however few our 
coders are.

5) I know I have varied on my ideas/decisions about this one in the 
past, and I may have even said some conflicting things. However, so that 
as many as possible may be involved, and so that our targets and 
direction may be clearly seen by any who are interested, we *will* be 
finishing up the SRS that James has started.  This has top priority on 
the list of ALFS todo's. I want a skeleton of guidelines written out so 
that everyone, not just the coders, know where ALFS is headed, and how 
we're going to get there.

These five areas will be required of all developers of alfs. Of course, 
if you have any suggestions on what might work better, you're free to 
express them here on this list, I will listen to any reasonable objections.

I'm posting this to lfs-dev as well, because I'd like ALFS to receive as 
much attention and support from the entire LFS community as is currently 
possible. To that end, if there are any others who would like to offer 
their services to the development of alfs, please let us know on the 
alfs-discuss list.

Lastly, I want to make a public apoplogy for any confusion that my poor 
leadership has brought to the ALFS project, but I very much want to see 
it well organized and running smoothly, and I intend to help it along to 
that goal as much as possible.

Jeremy Huntwork

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