Progress of the build order changes

Ken Moffat ken at
Sat Nov 12 16:50:59 PST 2005

On Sat, 12 Nov 2005, Jeremy Huntwork wrote:

> Chris Staub wrote:
>> I just found a problem. I tried building arts and got this...
> Here's another uncleanness:
> e2fsprogs and libtool hardcode the path of sed into installed scripts.
> /usr/bin/mk_cmds (from e2fsprogs) and /usr/bin/libtool both have 
> /tools/bin/sed as hard-coded as the command to use for sed.
> Will fix shortly.
> --
> JH

  Heh, I was just about to revisit your earlier posting and ask about 
libtool.  The difference in bison might be worrying, or it might be 
nothing (maybe even another candidate for "differs as they usually do") 
- anything interesting in farce-extras, or is it just impenetrable 
binary data ?

  Also autoupdate - it's a script, so the diff in farce-extras should at 
least be readable ;)

  In passing, it's interesting that every package and its dog hardcode 
the sed path into scripts - that was one of the findutils problems with 
the earlier cross-lfs build order.

  das eine Mal als Tragödie, das andere Mal als Farce

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