experiences with svn-20051112

Gottfried Haider gohai at gmx.net
Mon Nov 21 01:39:27 PST 2005


I recently built a development LFS (SVN-20051112) and want to share my 
experiences/nitpicks with you:

I got two errors when configuring my network ("/sbin/ifcfg: line 25: [: 
too many arguments", "/usr/bin/net-setup: line 128: 2:: command not 
found"), but worked around them

[c3/Needed Patches]
some patches are not listed alphabetically (Kbd GCC-4.x Fix Patch vs. 
Inetutils GCC-4.x Fix Patch)

[c5/Toolchain Technical Notes]
my target triplet was i586-pc-linux-gnuoldld when I tried using 
sshd/putty and screen; I found this odd and tried building locally, 
where I got i586-pc-linux-gnu. are there consequences building with 
former target triplet? is this a known limitation or bug?

[c6/Creating the passwd, group, and log Files]
only used the minimal set of users/groups, like proposed in bug #1032 
and had no problems in the build process

make -k check resulted in an unexpected error ("FAIL: 
g++.dg/template/array14.C (test for excess errors)"); looks like many 
users on x86 are hitting this with latest GCC - no problems afterwards, 
but not sure if this is connected to some MySQL testsuite-failures I'm 

mv -v /usr/bin/less /bin (as proposed on lfs-dev)

used iproute2-2.6.14-051107.tar.gz

mv -v bashbug /usr/bin (lfs-dev)

mv -v /usr/sbin/mklost+found /sbin (lfs-dev)

not installed, went for udev-only

applied sysklogd-1.4.1-caen-owl-klogd-drop-root.diff, 
sysklogd-1.4.1-caen-owl-syslogd-drop-root.patch as suggested sometimes 
back on lfs-dev (no new upstream version incorporating this yet)

installed udev-075
rewrote udev init.d-script, based on SUSE10: http://sukzessiv.net/udev
made /lib/udev for scripts,etc and /lib/udev/devices for static device 
nodes (currently: fd, stdin, stdout, stderr, core)
removed last lines of 25-lfs.rules (running programs in /etc/dev.d 
removed tmpfs mount /dev/shm and devpts mount /dev/pts from /etc/fstab 
as this is being mounted by the udev script
any comments on this one?

installed linux-2.4.15-rc2 because of udev needs uevent files

thanks for your efforts in LFS-development!
Gottfried Haider 

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