More Control and Pkg Man [was: Post LFS-6.1.1 plans]

Matt Darcy lfs-list at
Fri Nov 25 02:59:02 PST 2005

>Just in case anyone is interested, I've put the coddled HTML, as it
>was a few days ago, here:
>Basically, as rendered at my end, commands from LFS that I no longer
>needed to follow are tagged with a RED background to the 
><pre class="userinput"></pre> parts and commands I added in have a
>LIGHT-BLUE background.  
>All of this pretty much applies from Chapter 6 onwards.
>This helped me see what was LFS and what wasn't as well as making it
>easier to check any misaligment when patching agaist newer vesrions of
>the book. 
>By the way, I can well appreciate (even before reading the
>follow-up/fall-out to the original posting !) that the approach is not
>for everyone but I have since followed it through into the BLFS stage
>of building a system at home and, other than moving the package user
>home directories across to /usr/local/src after creation, it seems to
>be working well.
>As to Jeremy Huntwork's "playful" suggestion that the concepts be
>adopted into LFS proper, I'd probably side with the -1 people,
>however, it does strike me that some of the issues "More Control and
>..." raises might well provide some useful additional commentary to
>the core LFS storyline.
Hello Kev,

I'm not sure I see what you've done.

you just appear to have put "su $package_name_user" infront of each 
package build  - and changed nothing else.

Have I missed the point ?


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