Post LFS-6.1.1 plans

Matt Darcy lfs-list at
Sun Nov 27 05:57:19 PST 2005

Bryan Kadzban wrote:

>Matt Darcy wrote:
>>LFS works as it is, it calls out at the start of the book what it 
>>will build, I don't see a need to move this to include more tools 
>>like a propritary package managment system.
>If there's one thing MSB's hint *isn't*, it's proprietary.  Full sources
>for everything are supplied.  (Most of what the hint uses is already
>installed on your system.)
>Not that I'm saying the hint as-is should go into the book (and as has
>been said many, many times before in this discussion: *NOBODY* is saying
>that!), or even that parts of it should go into the book (I haven't
>decided what I think about that yet).  Just that this particular reason
>not to put it in -- it being supposedly proprietary -- is wrong.
>(People have already also pointed out that this suggestion was *NOT*
>about a package manager.  It was about people learning where files were
>getting put, which of them were being installed setuid root, etc., etc.)
I didn't mean propritary as in "source unavailable"

I meant it as this is a package managment technique for LFS only, no 
other distro uses tihs technique.

You point on it not being about a package manager is taken - and was 
taken when Jeremy said it, however people kept talking about it as an 
inclusion for future developments, and I feel it appropriate to make my 
thoughts on this know.


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