Unnable to do ICA/farce comparative builds

Greg Schafer gschafer at zip.com.au
Wed Dec 6 03:10:02 PST 2006

M.Canales.es wrote:

> Doing yesterday a SVN-20061201 build to test current ICA/farce support in 
> jhalfs I found that the first iterative build of Glibc fails at the configure 
> stage with that:


> As can be seen, when finished the system build both /usr/include/limits.h 
> and /usr/include/assert.h are present. But when reinstaling the linux kernel 
> headers at the beggining of the iterative build, both headers (and I think 
> that many others) are deleted by the "make INSTALL_HDR_PATH=/usr 
> headers_install" command.
> My question is, how that could be fixed to can do again proper comparative 
> builds?

IMHO there is little point in reinstalling the kernel headers during
subsequent ICA iterations. I've never done it. After all, they are not
binary, they are just ascii text.

That said, it does seem strange that current LFS uses different methods
for kernel headers installation in each phase ie: they are cp'd into place
in the the temp system, but "make INSTALL_HDR_PATH=/usr headers_install"
is used directly in the real system. It's unfortunate that
"headers_install" wants to wipe out /usr/include in that scenario.

If you insist upon reinstalling the kernel headers during subsequent ICA
iterations, the chroot phase kernel headers cmds should be switched to the
cp method. Otherwise, just skip the reinstall like I do.


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