Unnable to do ICA/farce comparative builds

Greg Schafer gschafer at zip.com.au
Wed Dec 6 03:47:18 PST 2006

M.Canales.es wrote:

> Are the headers files already sanitized inside the kernel tree or are they 
> generated on-the-fly by "make headers-install" command ?

On the fly.

> If the last, the tools used to generate the headers files (the ones in /tools 
> for the first build, but the ones in /{bin,usr} in iterative builds) could 
> have some impact on how they are generated and what contains each one.

Theoretically this is possible. But in practical reality I strongly doubt
it. It's mainly just `make', `sed', `sh', some coreutils (cp etc) and the
in-tree `unifdef'. I'd bet on identical results from just about *any*

> In the chapter05 phase when the linux kernel headers are installed 
> the /tools/include directory already contains headers from binutils-pass1 
> build, thus the "cp" method is used to not delete them.

Those binutils headers are utterly useless. Nothing needs them.

> To switch to the "cp" method in chapter06 would be the most failsafe solution, 
> but for jhalfs to work that change should be done in the book. If not, the 
> most simple is to skip the headers reinstallation, if we are sure that that 
> will have no impact on the comparative analysis.

Your call :-)


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