Runaway development

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Wed Dec 6 04:47:31 PST 2006


I really dislike the situation that, due to effectively-dead BLFS, LFS 
doesn't get enough testing of its headers. E.g., reiserfsprogs need 
asm/unaligned.h, and because of this, LiveCD trunk is broken.

In order to enhance testing, I propose to create a "dvd" branch in the 
LiveCD repository as a copy of today's trunk, remove packages that fail 
to build, and remove unneeded deviations from the LFS book. The purpose 
of this branch would be to include as many of BLFS and BBLFS packages as 
possible, and the rules such as "all packages must work correctly 
without configuration and support UTF-8" will not apply.

I will set up a virtual machine on to build this branch 
nightly and mail failures to the list. Then, write access to that branch 
should be given to all LFS and BLFS editors, so that, when they update a 
package in the book, they also make the corresponding change on this 
DVD. I don't say "jhalfs" because, in some cases, BLFS implicitly 
assumes that the reader deviates.


Alexander E. Patrakov

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