Luca liliana.perossa at fastwebnet.it
Wed Dec 6 11:40:07 PST 2006

Luca wrote:
> Problems solved and a working toolchain is going to be finished in some
> time so I could post a tarball of testsuites logs for chapter6 today
> (probably this afternoon - timezone Europe/Rome).

Good evening.

Sorry but my prevision can't be respected; chapter 6 testsuites still
run (now running automake-1.10 testsuites).
Just two notes: in gcc-4.3.0 testsuite no libmudflap FAILS, all tests
PASSED; glibc-2.5.90 testsuite produced 8 errors, which I have already
reported this morning but still no answer yet.

Then a curiosity:

gcc -shared -Wl,-soname,`basename ../lib/libformw.so.5.5
.5.5`.5,-stats,-lc -o ../lib/libformw.so.5.5 ../obj_s/fld_arg.o
../obj_s/fld_attr.o ../obj_s/fld_current.o ../obj_s/fld_def.o
../obj_s/fld_dup.o ../obj_s/fld_ftchoice.o ../obj_s/fld_ftlink.o
../obj_s/fld_info.o ../obj_s/fld_just.o ../obj_s/fld_link.o
../obj_s/fld_max.o ../obj_s/fld_move.o ../obj_s/fld_newftyp.o
../obj_s/fld_opts.o ../obj_s/fld_pad.o ../obj_s/fld_page.o
../obj_s/fld_stat.o ../obj_s/fld_type.o ../obj_s/fld_user.o
../obj_s/frm_cursor.o ../obj_s/frm_data.o ../obj_s/frm_def.o
../obj_s/frm_driver.o ../obj_s/frm_hook.o ../obj_s/frm_opts.o
../obj_s/frm_page.o ../obj_s/frm_post.o ../obj_s/frm_req_name.o
../obj_s/frm_scale.o ../obj_s/frm_sub.o ../obj_s/frm_user.o
../obj_s/frm_win.o ../obj_s/fty_alnum.o ../obj_s/fty_alpha.o
../obj_s/fty_enum.o ../obj_s/fty_int.o ../obj_s/fty_ipv4.o
../obj_s/fty_num.o ../obj_s/fty_regex.o -L../lib -lncursesw
/usr/bin/ld: total time in link: 0.196011
/usr/bin/ld: data size 2911036


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