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Thu Dec 7 09:11:39 PST 2006

On 12/7/06, Alexander E. Patrakov <patrakov at> wrote:
> This is a formal request to either integrate Tushar's hint on installing
> multiple versions of autotools into the LFS book, or move autotools to
> BLFS and integrate the hint there. The rationale is that the current LFS
> SVN versions of autotools are incompatible with enough BLFS and BBLFS
> packages. E.g., popt and GRUB fail to build from source if patches are
> applied that require rerunning autotools.

My views on the use of autotools in LFS is pretty clear, one just
needs to read the introduction of the hint:)

The book should include installation of multiple autotool versions.
Additionally, it should be in BLFS where they can be represented with
the proper dependency information when needed. For example:
* popt -> Depends on autoconf-2.59
* autoconf-2.59 -> Depends on autoconf-wrapper-1.0
That way users only install it when some command in the book requires
it or if they need a particular version for some development work
outside the scope of the books.

If somewhere down the line one of the LFS packages requires a
particular version of autotools when building, it should be handled
the way tcl/expect is handled in the book. Install only the required
versions in /tools.
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