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Thu Dec 7 10:16:31 PST 2006

Bruce Dubbs wrote these words on 12/07/06 12:04 CST:
> You make a good point.  The question in my mind is which versions
> (plural) of autotools should be installed?  Perhaps the most recent
> version and then a discussion of the issues and a generic "install
> additional versions as required like this" section would be more
> appropriate than us trying to decide in advance what versions a
> developer will need.

Another thing to consider is something along the lines of the
following on the autotools pages (autoconf and automake):

"Occasionally, you may find the need for a previous version of the
autotools to work with older packages. See [Tushar's hint]."

However, that doesn't really fit in LFS. But it would fit nicely
on the "notes on building software" section in BLFS and on any
package page in BLFS that may require it (note there are *no*
BLFS packages which would require it right now).


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