Randy McMurchy lfs-user at
Thu Dec 7 10:36:10 PST 2006

Matthew Burgess wrote these words on 12/07/06 12:26 CST:
> If, as it appears, the versions we install in LFS are causing you folks in
> BLFS headaches, I'd prefer to just let you install the version(s) you
> require rather than force the latest version on you resulting in either of
> us having to track regressions.

You are a bit confused, Matt. Nobody from BLFS said anything about
headaches. :-)  BLFS (at the moment) works just fine with the most
recent versions of the Autotools.

And, by the way, numerous discussions have resulted in the Autotools
belonging in LFS. However, any discussions at this point (even if
they happen to be redundant to past discussions) are probably good
right now, just to stimulate activity within the project.


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