Advertising on the LFS pages

Bryan Kadzban bryan at
Sun Dec 10 19:11:19 PST 2006

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Since there are monthly expenses for Gerard and me to maintain the 
> belgarath and anduin websites, would advertising be a reasonable way 
> of cost recovery?

I'd say yes, that would be reasonable -- but it may be good to consider
the effect that ads may have on the pages.  The /lfs/view/*/ pages are
served as text/html but set their own Content-Type in the headers to
application/xhtml+xml; this means that if an ad gets inserted into the
book pages, and its content is not valid XHTML 1.0 Strict, nobody will
be able to read the books if they use a browser that validates (like it
should) when it sees that MIME type.

(Firefox, for instance, puts a big red rectangle up saying "this page is
invalid", or something like that.)

And even the non-book pages (e.g. the root) are set up as XHTML 1.1
(which is basically XHTML 1.0 Strict), although they don't use
application/xhtml+xml like the book.  This means we'd have to be careful
there, so we don't break the markup, but at least browsers (probably)
will still render it if it's invalid.

Another option might be to look into whether it'd be possible to reduce
the bandwidth costs and such; however, I don't even know if this is

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