Book rendering

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Sun Dec 10 22:12:34 PST 2006

Luca wrote:
> Hello again.
> To Manuel:
> A question about book rendering:
> In blfs-book-sources Makefile there's the target "make tex" that has the
> dependency of db2latex; the latter is not installed in blfs-book (I
> installed it following the stylesheets installation); when I tried
> passing "make tex" it broke (don't remember exactly the point).
> Can you explain me about the possible tex target and not including in
> blfs the required dependency?

Why do you think the db2latex is required?  BLFS has teTeX.  The
makefile generates a TeX file (blfs-book.tex), not a LaTeX file.  To
create the TeX version of the book, just:

tex blfs-book.tex

  -- Bruce

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