May I patch the book on the CD?

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Mon Dec 11 22:33:17 PST 2006


I want to apply the attached patch to the LFS-6.2 book on the 6.2-4 CD. 
May I do that? If not, what's the preferred way to ensure that jhalfs 
can build a kernel without known vulnerabilities?

The README will also include the following text:


The original LFS book recommends using "the latest available 2.6.16.x kernel
version" and gives a link to linux- However, at the time of the
release of this CD, the latest linux-2.6.16.x version is For the
convenience of jhalfs users, the LFS book on this CD has been patched
to include this kernel version.

Further kernel updates may be available in the form of compressed 
patches from

It is recommended that you apply them.


Alexander E. Patrakov
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