Headers was RE: PROPOSAL -- new group to handle multi-project tasks

Jürg Billeter j at bitron.ch
Fri Jun 2 07:19:42 PDT 2006

On Die, 2006-05-30 at 12:02 -0700, Jim Gifford wrote:
> The one thing I've realize working on this is that, not everything in 
> the headers will work out of the box, good example is the paging size 
> stuff, that requires a glibc function to get it done right. If depends 
> on the config.h that is produced during make config stages.

Haven't the macros PAGE_SIZE and PAGE_SHIFT been declared as deprecated
a long time ago (for userspace) and applications should directly use
libc functions to get that information? So the definitions in your
sanitized header file would just be backward compatibility helpers and
shouldn't be required with correct applications or am I missing

Do you know some packages which depend on these defines?


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