Headers was RE: PROPOSAL -- new group to handle multi-project tasks

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at gmail.com
Sat Jun 3 10:09:54 PDT 2006

On 6/3/06, pak_lfs at freemail.gr <pak_lfs at freemail.gr> wrote:
> I 've been using David 's patches and Jim 's headers script on my new 
> experimental build. As it has been said here already, there are two, fairly 
> distinct patches:

Cool. I was hoping that someone would play around with the David Woodhouse stuff this that is probably the closest to "upstream's intentions."

>   * git-hdrcleanup.patch
> ( Which generally just moves stuff around in order to put internal stuff
> inside #ifdef __KERNEL__ et al and remove bogus includes like <config.h> )
> and 
>   * git-hdrinstall.patch
> ( Which  creates a new Makefile target "headers_install. This runs selected 
> headers through unifdef and installs them in /lib/modules/VERSION/kabi
> IIRC )
> Btw, both of these patches are in the latest -mm. 
> I believe the first has the most chances to be merged soon (2.6.18), since
> it 
> belongs to the kind of patches linus himself had _welcomed_ some time ago.

It seems like the header cleanups will definitely happen, but the make headers_install, who knows.

> The headers installed in kabi/ are currently not of much use, without
> perhaps
> even more sanitizing (which is probably done in glibc-kernheaders?).

Yes, there's more sanitizing in glibc-kernheaders.spec, but it is fairly simple.  A little bit of massaging, then one big sed on all the headers.  I have unpacked a recent SRPM and spec here:


> So, my proposal for the headers is after the 6.2 release, when the trunk
> switches to new gcc/glibc, that we should use Jim 's script. This will be
> a solution for at least six months - a year, since it really doesn't seem
> that
> upstream will have fixed things until then.

It's seeming like a better proposal as more time goes by.  Plus, I think when the header cleanups and possibly `headers_install' target get in upstream, there'll be a much stabler base to play from.  We should be able to diff our headers against the RedHat ones, too, as a sanity check.


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