ticket #1659

Archaic archaic at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Jun 5 12:26:02 PDT 2006

For any readers of lfs-dev who don't also read lfs-book, ticket #1659
needs some comments from various types of system. Basically, we need to
know about chapter 6 gcc or glibc test failures _except_ libmudflap
(gcc) and posix/annexc.out (glibc) failures.

We need data from Intel P2s and P3s (both regular and celeron) as well
as Durons, Athlon (pre and post XP) and maybe even K5s (if anyone still
builds on LFS on those).

Please add a comment on the ticket located here:


We need at a minimum what your architecture, cpu, and build host is,
plus the glibc or gcc errors not noted above.



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