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Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at ums.usu.ru
Thu Jun 8 08:27:17 PDT 2006

Dan Moore wrote:
> With the new config file, how does this installation step change?
> install -v -m 744 udev-config-20060515/write_cd_aliases /lib/udev/
> Thanks.

This is removed from the default installation, as "too distro-ish" and confusing 
people. You have to create file like this yourself:

# Begin /etc/udev/rules.d/82-persistent-cd.rules

# If you want "location persistence", i.e., want /dev/cdrom to point to _any_
# CD-ROM as a secondary slave, even if you replace it with a different model:
ACTION=="add", ENV{ID_CDROM}=="1", BUS=="ide", ID=="1.1", SYMLINK+="cdrom"

# Alternatively, if you want "identity persistence", i.e., want /dev/cdrom to
# point to your Philips CDD5301 device, even if you move it to a different
# position or IDE bus:
ENV{ID_SERIAL}=="5VO1306DM00190", SYMLINK+="cdrom"

# and of course rules for your other CD-ROMs

# End /etc/udev/rules.d/82-persistent-cd.rules

The write_cd_aliases script is, however, not removed completely. Just moved to 
contrib/debian, so you can still install it from there.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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