Problems with FHS compliance.

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Thu Jun 8 08:40:21 PDT 2006

Nathan Coulson wrote:
> It sounds like you'd want to have a bootable system even if /usr is
> temporairly not network mountable, so we would need to make the console script
> work even without /usr. (This would probably also cover the case where / is on a
> separate partition from /usr, but /usr is too corrupted to be mounted).

I failed to express two separate points as two.

Point 1: moving /usr/share/kbd to /lib/kbd is definitely doable, and it would 
allow earlier start of translated messages. This mainly amounts to the 
--datadir=/lib/kbd switch and moving binaries from /usr/bin to /bin.

Point 2: I dislike /usr on network for completely unrelated reason. Suppose that 
you have several machines that share one /usr from network. If you upgrade a 
package, it would be a pain to go to each one and copy the needed files (because 
this causes a mix of old and new package to be installed at some point). I don't 
object to /usr on a partition. But /usr on network is harder to maintain than 
nfs-root (which is actually implemented in my classroom). Given that /usr on 
network also means trouble for scripts, why not simply say "this is not 
supported"? Without any relation to the console script.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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