Problems with FHS compliance.

Nathan Coulson conathan at
Thu Jun 8 22:05:58 PDT 2006

> > Point 2: I dislike /usr on network for completely unrelated reason.
> > Suppose that you have several machines that share one /usr from network.
> <Snip good advice>
> I agree with the above completely, however, you forgot about SANs where
> /usr isn't shared.  Granted, I have not put LFS on an enterprise server
> (Yet!), not to mention that they are usually accessed through dedicated
> interfaces, provided by the vendor (at least in my limited experience).
>  I believe that we should continue to support remote /usr as long as the
> changes necessary are manageable.

We can still move towards having a network mountable /usr, even though
it is not officially supported.  It will give us the freedom to decide
how far we should go.

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