Outstanding issues for LFS-6.2

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Jun 23 08:32:50 PDT 2006

Matthew Burgess wrote:

> Yep, I think #1765 (update LFS license) can be retargetted as it's not a
> show-stopper and needs to be done properly so will take time.  The
> current license has served us well enough so far, I think.

I would really like to get this into 6.2 so the BLFS and LFS books use
the same license.  I did submit a patch that fixes the book.  The only
thing that takes time is the decision to do it.  We've been sitting on
our collective hands on this for over two months.  How long does it take
to make the decision?

  -- Bruce

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