Outstanding issues for LFS-6.2

Tushar Teredesai sukucorp at gmail.com
Mon Jun 26 08:39:25 PDT 2006

On 6/26/06, Matthew Burgess <matthew at linuxfromscratch.org> wrote:
> Well, I'm happy to upgrade the toolchain on the understanding that this
> will set a 6.2 release back by at least another 6-8 weeks.  It also
> means that all of the stabilisation work done by the BLFS team is more
> or less negated as they've been under the (until now) pretty safe
> assumption that the toolchain was pretty much set in stone.  For that
> reason, I'd much prefer to release 6.2 a.s.a.p then have a release
> another 2 or 3 months down the line with an upgraded toolchain, assuming
> it can stabilise in that time.

The LFS releases are not that frequent. The average gap between
releases is 6-9 months.

Tushar Teredesai
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