audio group [was: Rally the Troops LFS/BLFS/CLFS/Livecd too

Kevin Buckley k.buckley at
Mon May 1 05:33:36 PDT 2006

At the risk of being considered as one these

  1.) if you've got no idea whats been discussed in these mails - don't 
   comment, we don't need a "can I have wirless tools" style 

posters, in which case I do apologise for butting in amongst those who 

I notice that Bruce Dubbs wrote about users and groups thus:
> Although this sounds reasonable on the surface, it can cause reasonably
> large problems in BLFS.  For instance, right now LFS has an audio:x:11:
> group.  That's it--one line and no comments about it.  Removing that
> would require a discussion in several packages of BLFS about creating
> that group.  There are 40 packages in 'Multimedia Libraries and Drivers'
> and 'Audio Utilities'.  I don't know how many need an audio group, but
> certainly at least several.

and I cant see why you'ld need a discussion about an "audio" group in
"several packages".

Why cant there simply be either, or perhaps both,

 a general discussion about users and groups in BLFS that educates
  folk as to why they MIGHT need some users and groups "Beyond" what 
  LFS has provided 


 a more specific discussion at the start of the Audio or Multimedia 
  sections (or any other sections that throw up requirements for new
  users or groups) in BLFS, doing the same thing

within which the reasoning behind having the various "extra" groups is
laid out, with a note (warning ?) along the lines of 

"if you are looking to install these packages, or wish to obtain 
 this functionality, then you'll PROBABLY want to have this or that 
 username or group to allow you to tie it all together"

I stress the "might" and the "probabaly" in the above because not
everyone will want/need all the groups that the core developers of
{,B,C,H}LFS decicde they are happy with for a given purpose.

To my mind, having a full list of of all the users and groups that
BLFS users MIGHT require, presented to readers of an LFS book, is akin
to going WBLFS - "Way Beyond LFS".


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