audio group [was: Rally the Troops LFS/BLFS/CLFS/Livecd too

Randy McMurchy randy at
Mon May 1 08:00:16 PDT 2006

Kevin Buckley wrote these words on 05/01/06 07:33 CST:

>  a general discussion about users and groups in BLFS that educates
>   folk as to why they MIGHT need some users and groups "Beyond" what 
>   LFS has provided

I can see this added to the page on users and groups, but not a
complete discussion. More or less I would think a general overview

>  a more specific discussion at the start of the Audio or Multimedia 
>   sections (or any other sections that throw up requirements for new
>   users or groups) in BLFS, doing the same thing

This really won't work as folks don't tend to read BLFS or follow
it linearly. Most folks end up jumping around using the dependency
links. You could be trying to install KDE and end up installing
*many* of the multimedia packages before you even get KDE installed.
And this just following the links.

We don't know what order people are going to take in installing
the packages, that is why Bruce (rightly so) says that the
user/group info would have to be on *many* of the pages if it is
moved out of LFS

In my opinion, expecting someone to read the beginning discussion
for each section is unreasonable. We provide some information here,
but nothing critical to build, or use, a package.


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