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Mon May 1 14:07:43 PDT 2006

El Lunes, 1 de Mayo de 2006 22:53, Archaic escribió:

> Yes, and something that will be greatly helped along by jhalfs, but
> going back in memory to previous SBU threads, I believe it was decided
> that SMP machines would be quite skewed. Hyprethreading acts like SMP
> (to what extent I'm not sure) so I think UNI systems should be used to
> verify Manuel's results before his times are added. Manuel is the SBU
> and sizing stuff done in jhalfs (sorry, I don't have time to follow
> development). I have several UNI systems I can set to build while
> sleeping. More results from others is always good, too.

Yes, jhalfs creates very good reports for SBU and disk usage.

And I was not updating the values due my HT CPU ;-)

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