Note about Shadow instructions

Chris Staub chris at
Tue May 2 21:24:57 PDT 2006

There is a warning towards the end of the Shadow instructions saying 
that you should try to login and su to verify that it works with PAM so 
that you can be sure you will be able to log on to your system. 
Shouldn't the same suggestion apply if simply rebuilding Shadow with 
Cracklib support?

Also (the reason why I'm CC'ing LFS-dev) has anyone considered that 
something like this should be mentioned in LFS as well? There should be 
more emphasis on the "passwd root" command, saying that this is not only 
a good idea to provide security (though I guess it could be argued that 
anyone who doesn't think they need a password for root shouldn't be 
building LFS in the 1st place...) but it also provides a useful test to 
make sure that shadow was built and configured correctly, and if it 
fails then that is an indication that you will not be able to log on to 
your newly-build LFS system.

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