Rally the Troops LFS/BLFS/CLFS/Livecd too

Matt Darcy lfs-list at projecthugo.co.uk
Wed May 3 05:03:57 PDT 2006

Bryan Kadzban wrote:
> steve crosby wrote:
>> iptables is one such application - currently non functional with
>> jim's script created headers, but have yet to identify why.
> I thought iptables required the "raw" kernel source anyway?
> Regardless, it's definitely one of the few Linux-specific programs.  Its
> only purpose in life is to manage Linux's firewall; that makes it pretty
> much non-generic.  ;-)


I'm really dissapointed that this thread has turned into a "support" 
thread for certain products and arguments over specifics.

The whole point of this thread was to discuss the options and directions 
of the whole projects not answer specific questions about certain header 
versions and what version of jims script was current.

Really dissapointed that after such a good start it has been turned into 
a product support thread

This just totally highlights one of the core reasons why this sort of 
discussion is impossible to make on a mail list in the public eye.


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