Rally the Troops LFS/BLFS/CLFS/Livecd too

Matt Darcy lfs-list at projecthugo.co.uk
Wed May 3 08:21:24 PDT 2006

> There's nothing at all wrong with the mailing list. It's just the 
> inherent nature of a project that is spread out among group of 
> volunteers that don't always have time to discuss properly - the medium 
> used is to discuss isn't to blame. In fact, it's good that you brought 
> this up here because even if discussion isn't happening as you like 
> *now*, there is a public record of what was brought up and we can always 
> return to it.
> Try to relax and be a bit more patient please. Gently nudging and 
> reminding you'll find works better to extract more comments. As it is, I 
> promise to look over your original request a bit more later today and 
> comment where I feel I can.

I think we are going to disagree here I'm pretty calm about this, and 
I've got not problem with patience, I was happy to wait for responses 
and dicussion to pick up, I am frustrated that I called out in detail 
how I didn't want this thread to turn out, and people just ignored it 
and went on their own discussions, even though I said "if you want to 
take this off topic in more detail either wait until we come closer to a 
conclusion or start a seperate thread as to not change the base 
dicussion of this thread" - I'm not annoyed by other or off topic 
dicussion I'm annoyed and frustrated that even when you spell it out 
clearly to try to get a topic moving people just go off on random 
tangents and ruin the thread, yes this thread is logged and can be 
refered to - but whats the good of refering to it when the topic is 
"what direction should the LFS projects go" and the content is "does 
iptables use raw headers" or "perhaps I should look at my mail list 
settings" etc etc.

I shouldn't have to nudge or remind after only about 10 good mails that 
"keep on thread" people should have had read the mail and thought "yes 
there is no need for that single mail saying "lol" when the thread 
poster has taken a serious not to this mail and has specificly asked us 
to NOT do this.

Its not often I post a serious thread on this mail list any more rather 
than chat things through with individuals as the ammount of noise and 
pointless contribution that for what should be a channel leading 
development ALWAYS takes over, but I gave this a shot in blind faith 
hoping that spelling out the requirments and goals clearly at the start 
would lead to a more productive thread.

I was wrong and once again return to my belief that this mailing list is 
not working and needs to be moderated or subscription.

I know this is against Gerards wishes and goal, but at the same time 
this thread just highlights how impossible it is to discuss a topic.


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