Kernel Headers Script [was: Rally the Troops LFS/BLFS/CLFS/Livecd too]

steve crosby steve.crosby at
Wed May 3 16:35:23 PDT 2006

On 5/4/06, Jim Gifford <lfs at> wrote:
> steve crosby wrote:
> > My intent was to identify that one of the options provided in the
> > thread (Jim's work with the linux headers) has problems, as it's
> > currently not working with certain applications outside of LFS.


> >
> I think I was able to build iptables with the 00.50 and above script. So
> let me know.

I used the pre-generated tarball rather than the actual
script, which failed in the iptables dependency checks (on

FYI: using LFS trunk, with glibc 2.4, gcc 4.1.0, iptables 1.3.5

I'll try using the native script instead and see what I get. For
reference the LLH maintained the entire linux\netfilter*\* header
structure, and that works fine.

-- -
Steve Crosby

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