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Jim Gifford lfs at jg555.com
Wed May 3 19:01:44 PDT 2006

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> Jim Gifford wrote:
>>> Perhaps you should visit more often. ;) There have been a few udev 
>>> rules
>>> threads that I'd appreciate your comments on, too.
>> I've never seen a ticket assigned to me to answer questions. After 
>> all that's why we have the ticket system in place.
> I think perhaps we have different ideas about the purpose of assigning 
> tickets. The way I understood assignment, and the way it's been 
> working in LFS, at least, is that the person that is assigned a ticket 
> (usually, you assign it to yourself) is responsible for handling the 
> issue described and closing the ticket. Anyone else that is registered 
> is free to comment on the ticket. It's the same sort of procedure as 
> was used in Bugzilla.
> -- 
> JH
But we also stated that when the people who are needed to work the issue 
or need to answer questions, they need some way to notify them on what's 
going on. I've been tied up with CLFS and work lately, and as I've 
stated in email to Randy, if someone notified me via an email or IRC 
that's when I responded.

You know how it is when your busy.

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