Getting 6.2 ready for testing

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Sun May 7 16:24:07 PDT 2006

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> 1032 New users and groups
>   I've had private conversations about this with other devs.  My opinion
> is that this is not broken.  Others have philosophical differences.
> Mark as wontfix.

This may be the right course, but I'll let Archaic make that call since 
his name's on the ticket.

> 1785 Udev Rules need verified for accuracy, completeness, and bloat
>   This needs to be done, but won't ever be complete before -testing.
> Testing is where the verification will really happen.

Agreed, but again, Archaic's territory. :)

[snipped & agreed]

> 1791 linux-
>   Needs to be done, but is a moving target.  Seems to be moving quite
> fast recently.  A freeze decision has to be made sometime.

Yep, and I just posted my thoughts on this in reply to Archaic's post. 
Archaic is assigned this one, but I'd be willing to help if he's too busy.

> 1656 Redundancy in Chapter 6 "Creating Directories"
>   Not a high priority, but seems to be very easy.  I don't understand
> why it hasn't been fixed by now.  Fix it today.

Matt released it and I accepted it. Will work on it shortly.


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