Suggestions for the book

Dale & Yvonne Ogilvie eph6rs02 at
Fri May 19 18:44:07 PDT 2006


I've just finished (well a week or two ago) the development LFS book and a couple of suggestions come to mind.

1. I found it a bit confusing as to what user I should be logged in as when. One approach I have seen on Suse is to use a different background for root access. superuser terminals have a different color, superuser login has a different background etc. Perhaps the book could use a cue like this? I remember being uncertain as to whether i should be root or not at various points.

2. My configuration was Suse, WinXP, and a free partition for LFS. When it came time to install grub, a section explaining how to add your lfs to the existing boot loader would have been nice. I figured it out...eventually.

Nice work guys.

Dale Ogilvie

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