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Dale & Yvonne Ogilvie wrote these words on 05/19/06 20:44 CST:

> 1. I found it a bit confusing as to what user I should be logged in as when. One approach I have seen on Suse is to use a different background for root access. superuser terminals have a different color, superuser login has a different background etc. Perhaps the book could use a cue like this? I remember being uncertain as to whether i should be root or not at various points.

It is plainly stated. In Chapter 5, you issue *all* the commands
as one user, in Chapter 6 you are told to become the root user
and chroot into the working environment. Where exactly did you
become confused with these instructions?

> 2. My configuration was Suse, WinXP, and a free partition for LFS. When it came time to install grub, a section explaining how to add your lfs to the existing boot loader would have been nice. I figured it out...eventually.

Adding to the *existing* boot loader is not an option with LFS. You
are creating a Linux partition to boot from that partition. Why would
we consider instructions to use a bootloader from some other partition?

Sure many have multiple partitions, but they figure it out how to
work it on their own. The LFS book assumes that the LFS partition
is the active partition and provides instructions for this. If you
need to vary from those, then you should know how to do it without
being told. The existing instructions in LFS cover what to do if
you need to add an existing partition to the new GRUB bootloader.

At least in my mind they do. YMMV.


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