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Sat May 20 18:09:39 PDT 2006

Sorry Bruce.  Not embarrassed here.  It took almost half an hour to
explain it in irc before because the hot headed people would not listen.
Eventually they got it but are still to smug to do anything about it.

SURE.  I, you, or anyone can point to any ONE place in the book and say,
"See, I told you so."  The point is across the book it is not

On Sat, 2006-05-20 at 09:04 -0500, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> On 5/19/06, r3al1tych3ck <r3al1tych3ck at> wrote:
> > No, I think there is a clarity problem about what user are you.  I have
> > gone over this in detail in cross-lfs.  However, I believe it was
> > largely ignored.  It did not actually cause me problems.  It was just on
> > observation based on experience.  "As root execute..."  Well, that means
> > you are NOT root.  But, the general consensus seems to be, "stupid
> > idiot, it does not matter the book lacks clarity and consistency, you
> > suck".
> The book says in I. Introduction, 2. Important Information, Notes on
> Building Software: "The golden rule of Unix System Administration is
> to use your superpowers only when necessary. Hence, BLFS recommends
> that you build software as an unprivileged user and only become the
> root user when installing the software. This philosophy is followed in
> all the packages in this book. Unless otherwise specified, all
> instructions should be executed as an unprivileged user. The book will
> advise you on instructions that need root privileges."
> Suggestions on improving "clarity and consistency" will be considered,
> however my suggestion is to read before you embarrass yourself.
>   -- Bruce

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