Suggestions for the book

Matt Darcy lfs-list at
Mon May 22 12:26:11 PDT 2006

r3al1tych3ck wrote:

>Sorry Bruce.  Not embarrassed here.  It took almost half an hour to
>explain it in irc before because the hot headed people would not listen.
>Eventually they got it but are still to smug to do anything about it.
>SURE.  I, you, or anyone can point to any ONE place in the book and say,
>"See, I told you so."  The point is across the book it is not
I'm going to come in at this point.

I take issue with this, I took all your comments on board, and disagreed 
with most of them, however as beaker pointed out in the mail list link 
he sent and as Jim Gifford pointed out in the channel at the time, the 
books description of root / non-root useage was pretty spot on, however 
for the cross-lfs book we decided to add a comment at the top of one of 
the chapters explaining at this point you should be root just ot make it 
clear. At no point did we call anying is an idiot, or ignore your 
comments (hence why we are making a change to a pragraph) based on your 
input, no point did we say "you suck" and we are not hot headed (hence 
listening and acting on your feedback).

In this mail R3, you are coming across as hot headed and presenting a 
very weak argument of why you should be listened to when people involved 
in the project are taking the time to respond to you.

May I sugest that if you want to be taken seriously and not dissmissed 
as you appear to be from this mail thread you listen to whats being said 
and respond to it constructivly, perhaps lay off painting things one 
sided view as you have done our conversation in IRC.



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