Summarize of Plan and changes - was Re: Unifying the Udev Rules Packages

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Tue May 23 15:31:48 PDT 2006

Jim Gifford wrote:
> Is this acceptable to all.

The bootscripts package and udev rules seem to me to be two separate 
issues here, and at least until there's shown to be some benefit of 
merging those two together, I'd prefer to keep them separate. So far, 
most seem agreeable to making the udev rules their own entity - one 
package/repo for all projects. That has seemed to reach a consensus, but 
we still need to hear Alexander's comments on it, so let's give him the 
time he needs. (I think he's sleeping, atm.)

The suggestion to merge LFS and BLFS bootscripts into one package is 
really another topic, and something that I wanted to hear more 
discussion on, perhaps from the current maintainer himself. DJ, you have 
any thoughts?


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