Summarize of Plan and changes - was Re: Unifying the Udev Rules Packages

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Tue May 23 21:13:52 PDT 2006

Jim Gifford wrote:
> To just make sure we all have a clear understanding.
> 1 - Repo will be created for Bootscripts and Udev rules
> 2 - Repo to be maintained by DJ, Alex, and Dan ( my choices). With the 
> Dev Teams from BLFS, CLFS, and LFS.
> 3 - Trunk to be maintained by DJ, Alex, and Dan.
>      CLFS Branch to be maintained by CLFS Dev Team
>      LFS Branch to be maintained by LFS Dev Team
>      BLFS Branch to be maintained by BLFS Dev TEAM
> 4 - DJ, Alex, and Dan get final-say of what gets released and what gets 
> pulled from the BLFS, CLFS, and LFS branches
> 5 - Bootscripts and Udev Rules will need their own Trac to log bugs to
> The only outstanding issue is the UID's/GID's, which we are the process 
> of making a change in CLFS to maintain the same list as LFS, but with 
> notes about the additional users.

Please don't omit BLFS from the equation.

> Is this acceptable to all.

+1, assuming the following:

1) At least one of DJ and Dan agrees.
2) This proposal gets implemented shortly after 2006-06-02.
3) The "contrib" directory for unofficial stuff (like the persistent CD symlinks 
from Debian) is allowed.
4) Some form of documentation notes for BLFS is agreed upon (e.g., how to keep 
proposed rules for group membership that are not part of base LFS installation, 
e.g., "audio").

Alexander E. Patrakov

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