Inconsistent policy about udev rules in LFS/BLFS

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Wed May 24 05:28:00 PDT 2006


I think that the following political question must be solved:

"Where do udev rules for devices that need software beyond BLFS belong? What 
(i.e., naming or groups) should be covered?"

One of commonly-used beyond-BLFS devices is /dev/nvidia*, which is currently 
(only AFAIK, because I don't have anything made by NVIDIA) assigned the 0660 
mode and the "video" group. If we move that out of LFS, we will get endless 
support questions. If we let it stay in LFS, the following inconsistency with 
the future plans appears:

  * Devices that can be used in LFS (e.g., ttys) are fully configured in LFS.
  * Devices that require BLFS software are named in LFS and a group is assigned 
in BLFS.
  * Devices that need software beyond BLFS are fully configured in LFS.

This simply doesn't look right, and puts a question mark on the plan to move the 
"audio" group to BLFS. Solutions are welcome.

Also please note that _some_ of devices that need software beyond BLFS can be 
properly configured in LFS by mere chance. E.g., the following rule correctly 
assigns the group for network block devices:

SUBSYSTEM=="block", GROUP="disk"

Alexander E. Patrakov

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