Proposal: new requirements for referenced translations

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Fri May 26 21:18:44 PDT 2006


we recently had a person asking for support on the livecd list, where it became 
evident that the problems were caused by the fact that he used inexact French 

Yes, I know that this translation is not explicitly mentioned on the page, but there is still a link to

In order to avoid these situations in the future, I propose to change the 
requirements for translations mentioned on our official site. The proposal is 
going to be effective since LFS-6.2, and it is NOT a licensing change (i.e., 
anyone can still make a translation not meeting the requirements below, but we 
won't add a link to it). The proposed requirements are:

1) The translation must be done with the same DocBook XML tools as the English 
book, and a link to the DocBook source must be provided

2) The translation should be compatible with jhalfs, and the non-obvious 
differences in produced Makefiles, if any, should be explained in XML comments, 
in English, so that the original LFS editors can read them.

3) The comments in example files (such as /etc/fstab) must not be translated

Is this proposal acceptable?

The reason for (3) is that one can consider changing the locale after building 
LFS (i.e., the locale in LFS is not the same as on the host). The host has its 
terminal set up to be compatible with the host's locale. Thus, the comments are 
created in the encoding of the host's locale, and will become unreadable if the 
locale is changed later. English comments avoid this problem. Yes, a better 
solution would be to add a fully-commented-out (aka: for translations only) page 
to the English book that deals with the terminal setup for a different locale, 
but it is too late to add this page to LFS-6.2.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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