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Sat May 27 02:01:24 PDT 2006

El Sábado, 27 de Mayo de 2006 06:18, Alexander E. Patrakov escribió:

> 1) The translation must be done with the same DocBook XML tools as the
> English book, and a link to the DocBook source must be provided
> 2) The translation should be compatible with jhalfs, and the non-obvious
> differences in produced Makefiles, if any, should be explained in XML
> comments, in English, so that the original LFS editors can read them.

Actually, running jhalfs on both the original book and the translated book and 
diffing the output is the best way to be sure that the commands and 
packages/patches versions in both books are identical.

And that implies that the sources of translated books must be in the same 
format and layout than the original book.

> 3) The comments in example files (such as /etc/fstab) must not be
> translated

Saying that all translations whose jhalfs output differs from the official 
output (except for TIMEZONE and LANG environment settings, that can differs 
also from one user to another running jhalfs on the official book) will be 
rejected should to cover that also.

> Is this proposal acceptable?

Fine by me. I will adapt the Spanish SVN translation to that policies in the 
next update.

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