Bootscripts merge? (Was: Summarize of Plan and changes)

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Sat May 27 11:13:17 PDT 2006

Jim Gifford wrote:

> I lot of people are afraid to say things because they will be attacked 
> on these lists, so they sit back and go with the flow. That's part of 
> the problem also, when your community is afraid to speak up there is 
> something wrong.

So how can we accurately judge the popularity of your proposal, Jim?  If 
those folks are so keen on your idea being adopted they *need* to speak 
up on-list.  If they don't, then one can only assume their feelings 
really aren't that strong.

I would also encourage those people that are afraid of speaking up to 
contact me by private email so I can try and allay their fears.  If you 
could pass this message on to them, Jim, I'd very much appreciate it.



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