Bootscripts merge? (Was: Summarize of Plan and changes)

Ag Hatzimanikas a.hatzim at
Sat May 27 13:45:34 PDT 2006

On Sat, May 27, at 10:39:19 Jim Gifford wrote:
> I lot of people are afraid to say things because they will be attacked 
> on these lists, so they sit back and go with the flow. That's part of 
> the problem also, when your community is afraid to speak up there is 
> something wrong.

Please let's not exaggerate.

I don't think anyone has threaten anybody in these lists,please consider
the fact that most of us are more than thirty years old and may I say very
polite in general,

As for my humble opinion I would like to see an Udev/Bootscripts team.

How this can be done without conflicts between the teams is a matter of

However and because I personally don't like long talks without practical
results,I would say that we better give a test period of 3 months to the 
team (Dan,Alexander,Dj) to work with some special rights and see how it 

I am sure they will do a great job and I am also pretty sure that they 
will open their ears to the concerns/requests of the LFS teams.

Best Regards.

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