Randy McMurchy randy at
Sun May 28 07:23:27 PDT 2006

Ag Hatzimanikas wrote these words on 05/28/06 08:59 CST:

> I propose the creation of a new udev/bootscript/kernel/doc team.
> Please vote.

You cannot expect to get realistic or meaningful responses until you
determine and specify:

1. What role does this team take?
2. What are they responsible for?
3. Why do we need it?
4. What is different now that hasn't been in the past requiring this "team".
5. What will be the name of this team? (UBKD?)
6. Does this "team" have its own book? (every other "team" in the
   LFS projects have a book (LFS, BLFS, etc...)
7. You've thrown "kernel" into the mix. Why?

Everyone needs to know the answers to these questions before "voting",
otherwise, as these things are determined there will be changes in
the "votes".


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